Massive Captures Update to Gallery

The gallery has been updated with captures of Jamie’s scenes in the films Callahan (which was originally a television pilot), Christmas With the Kranks, Fierce Creatures, Mother’s Boys and Veronica Mars, as well as her guest appearance in the television show Charlie’s Angels, her hosting duties in two episodes of Saturday Night Live and the first episode of her starring role in the sitcom Anything But Love! Check them out below.

Gallery Links:

The Launch of Jamie Lee Curtis Archives

Hello everybody, and welcome to the launch of Jamie Lee Curtis Archives. Part of 45 Lampkin Lane, this is your newest fan site for everything related to the talented, award-winning actress, author and philanthropist Jamie Lee Curtis! With appearances in numerous television shows, over fifty films, and close to a dozen books authored, it’s safe to say Jamie Lee Curtis has left her mark on the entertainment industry, and I couldn’t be prouder to have opened this site.

The gallery currently houses over 55,000 photos, consisting largely of screencaps and stills from her film and television projects, as well as some appearances and on-set candids. The gallery will definitely grow over time as I slowly add more captures from her filmography, appearances on talk shows, photoshoots, and more.

In addition, the filmography page is mostly complete; though every project has a link, several pages are still be constructed and will be going live soon. Thanks for visiting, and please keep checking back for more Jamie Lee Curtis news!